We look forward to welcoming you to our home. When you make a booking you are entering into an agreement with us. Please read our terms and conditions below.

Arrival and departure.

Check in is available from 3.30pm on the day of your arrival.

We kindly ask, please do not arrive before this time as the Chateau and your room will not be available.

Please vacate your room by 10.30am on the morning of your departure. A later time may be possible up to 1.00pm but this is subject to availability and an additional charge of 25 Euros.

 Cancellations by the guest.

We are a small business, so cancellations can have a large impact on us, especially if we have turned away guests because you have booked and then cancelled.  We do appreciate that unforeseen circumstances can occur so we do try to be sympathetic and helpful where possible.

Cancellation 31 days prior to arrival date. = full deposit refund less 25 Euros admin fee.
Cancellation 30 days to 11days =50% refund  less 25 Euro admin fee.
Cancellation  10 days to 0 days = no refund

Guests are reminded that no exceptions to the above conditions will be made and that any booking made at Chateau de Cervolet for accommodation, services or goods form a legal binding contract.

For this reason it is advisable that you take out a suitable insurance product to cover against unexpected costs like cancellation fees etc.

Cancellation by us.

Should it become necessary for us to cancel a booking we will contact you immediately. Any payments made will be refunded in full and we will do our best to recommend other accommodation in the local area or offer alternative dates. Our liability will not extend beyond these conditions. It is advisable that you take out a suitable insurance product to cover against unexpected costs like cancellation fees etc.

Moving your stay.

Your booking is confirmed once you have paid your 50% deposit. If you then wish to change the dates of your stay at Chateau de Cervolet you must inform us immediately and in writing.  Changes of dates will be subject to availability and at our discretion.   If there are no dates available then please refer to the cancellation conditions above.

Change of a room.

If a room becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to transfer the booking to an alternative room of similar quality.

Covid 19.

Should we be unable to host you due to lockdown or restrictions imposed by the French government or local authorities, we will contact you immediately where we can discuss the situation and we will postpone your stay to another time.


A car park is available for guests who are staying at the chateau.  Cars parked in the grounds are at owners risk. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft.

Cycle parking / storage

A cycle shed is available for guests who are staying at the Château with cycles.  Cycles that are stored or used within the grounds are at the owners risk. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft.


You will have access to the Chateau and your room 24 hours a day throughout your stay.   Some of our guest rooms do have locks.   Occasionally we may give our guests who are staying with us for long periods of time a set of keys for the main entrance to the Chateau.  These are your responsibility for the duration of your stay.   If any keys are lost there will be a charge of 15 Euros per key.

Damages and breakages.

Please take care in our home and grounds. You are responsible and liable for any damages and breakages which you cause to any part of the Chateau and within our boundary.   This  including the grounds, the  buildings, the accommodation, the swimming pool and pool area and the gardens.

Please report and damages or spills immediately so as we can address the situation immediately.

We will need to make it safe for our other guests and reduce damage limitation.

We reserve the right to charge for any damages, repairs or making good of any areas caused by yourself or guests in your party.

Please do not apply any fake tan, sun creams or any substance that can stain any linens, fabrics, furnishings and surfaces. If any of the above are stained this will incur a cleaning charge. If professional cleaning is required then a higher charge will be incurred .

Please wash off any fake tan, creams and substances that can stain before bed at night so as to avoid any damage and staining to linens, fabrics, furnishings and surfaces.

Health and safety. 

Your health and safety is paramount to us.

We want to make sure your stay with us as safe as possible,  so we ask if you do see anything that could potentially be a risk to yourself and others it is your responsibility to bring to our attention immediately, So we can address the situation and make it safe for all our guests and colleagues.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal activities, vandalism, rude and abusive behaviour towards us our family, other guests and anyone else working on or at the Chateau.

Any illegal activities, drug taking and excessive alcohol consumption will be reported to the police.  Any rude and abusive guests will be asked to leave the Chateau and grounds with immediate effect.

You are responsible for the behaviour of all your guests in your party at all times.

Chateau de Cervolet is a private residence and also our home.  We ask that all guests staying with us treat and behave with respect our family, the house, the grounds and also our neighbours. We ask you not to trespass onto our neighbours fields, some of which will contain livestock.  All the boundaries will be pointed out to you and it is your responsibility to inform your guests in your party.

No lighting of fires, fireworks including Chinese lanterns are allowed.  This becomes a serious risk to dry areas of land, the countryside and any livestock.  We will comply with French law at all times.

We have a river running along our boundary, please make sure all guests in your party are aware of this and its location. The river is NOT to be used for swimming,  paddling or cooling off.    At certain times of the year it can be subject to very strong currents.  There is also an old mill house by the river.

DO NOT ENTER. This is a private property and a very old building and totally out of bounds.

We take health and safety seriously so all of the above are for your safety and your party, all other guests, ourselves and colleagues as well as to protect and look after the environment we live in.


Smoking including E cigarettes is NOT permitted within any part of Chateau de Cervolet  the house, the grounds, woodland, the park, river and swimming pool area.  We provide a smoking area. This is the ONLY area where you can smoke.

Please dispose of your cigarette ends in the sand container.

Please do not discard the cigarette ends on the ground as this could become a fire risk.

Any guests not respecting these rules will be asked to leave with immediate effect and will be liable for any cleaning or clearing up that is required.

Swimming pool.

There is no lifeguard on duty. All guests are fully responsible for their children whilst in the pool and pool area.  All persons 16 years and below must be accompanied at all times either in or around the pool area by a parent or responsible adult.

In extreme weather conditions the pool may need to have additional chemicals added through the day.

We will keep you informed if we have had to carry out such maintenance.

The pool and pool area will be locked from 9pm to 8 am for maintenance and the safety of our guests. It will also be out of bounds for our guests during these times.  This is subject to change and will be based on local weather conditions at the time.

Lost property.

If any items are left behind after your stay we will be happy to post them on to you.   There will be a minimum charge of 20 Euros to cover packing and administration.   Any additional costs for the postage will be charged.

Missing items.

We reserve the right to charge for any missing items from our rooms and grounds.


We are unable to accommodate any pets as we have animals of our own.  Please make any necessary arrangements for your own pets prior to your arrival.


Some of the data gathered during the booking process may be held on computer.  We would like to hold this data after your stay so we can inform you of future developments or special offers for returning guests.

If you would prefer us not to hold this information please let us know so we can update our records..


Payments can be made securely on our website. We do not hold any card payment details. For details  on how your information may be held by our processing company you can contact them here at:


We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. This however will not affect any bookings already made where 50% deposit or full payment has been made and confirmed by us.

Circumstances beyond our control.

If for any reason we are not able to provide a service due to for example, a power cut, strike, network outage, flood, fire, earthquake, disaster etc, we will do everything in our powers and to the best of our ability at that time to make your stay with us as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Evening meals.

We are happy to provide evening meals.  Please telephone or email in advance giving at least 24 hours notice.  All evening meals are prepared specifically for you.  Please inform us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.

Please note we will do our best to cater for all dietary requirements, however we cannot guarantee that our kitchens, preparation areas and surfaces are completely allergen free.  If you do have any severe allergies please inform us so we can take the necessary steps to make you stay with us as comfortable as possible.

You may also consider bringing any of your own special foods, if so we will try and find a suitable storage area.   Where possible we like to use fresh locally sourced products from artisans passionate about their produce.

If you cancel your meal with 12 hours or less notice or you do not take the meal we have prepared for you, the full cost of the meal will remain payable by yourselves.


We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of you or your party, or any vehicle and contents or any possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or any of our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment and whilst on our premises.

Termination policy.

Chateau de Cervolet reserve the right to terminate without notice, an individuals stay where necessary through unacceptable behaviour or as a result of any actions which could endanger or offend others.

In such circumstances any outstanding accounts will be settled immediately, all items owned by the person or persons must be removed from the premises including any vehicles. we also reserve the right to contact the police to assist in such matters.   Anyone found re-entering the premises after such removal,  will be classed as trespassing and the police informed.


We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time

You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights, including and not limited to copyrights including copyrights in software, trademarks, database rights, patents and inventions in and relating to the service are owned by us and our licensors or contractors.  Nothing in this agreement operates to transfer any such intellectual property rights to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification regarding any aspect of our terms and conditions.