The Gallery

Our Château gallery with its many unique features have made it a special place over the two centuries that it has stood in this stunningly beautiful Vienne area of France.

It is our intention to continue returning Château de Cervolet to its former glory and keeping the periodic features and architecture.

The Movies and the Château

We have been told from several sources that the Château de Cervolet was used in the making of films and commercials in the past. The distinctive Château features and architecture were apparently chosen for different media and/or film productions.

We would really love to know more about this era of the Château. Which films or commercials it was used in. If you can tell us more, we would really love to hear from you as we love learning more about the past history of Château de Cervolet.

Chateau film crew silhouette for movie productions and TV

If you work within the film or media industry, and are interested in renting the Château de Cervolet for your production, please contact us. We are very media friendly and would be open to discussing this further.

We hope you enjoyed viewing the photos from our Château Gallery. We keep adding more photographs, so check back again every so often.

As you can see it is a very picturesque place and we understand that many artists and photographers have stayed at Chateau De Cervolet to paint, sketch, draw and photograph the building and its surroundings. Maybe one day you will too.